Memento Mori - Scented Candle

Memento Mori - Scented Candle


Memento Mori

Fragrance: Leather, warm woods, amber, and spice.

There is no better reminder of death than the memory of those things we love most in life. Rich with nostalgia, this is the scent of leather-bound books, a walk through a deep, lush forest, a mug of mulled cider on a winter’s day.

Hand poured in small batches using all natural apricot coconut wax. This makes for a superior candle in a number of ways: apricot coconut wax is produced more sustainably, adheres better to its container, burns cleaner and longer, and has a greater scent throw. When burned correctly, this candle will last approximately 90 hours—far longer than a soy candle of the same size.

11oz matte black glass tumbler and lid
Burns for approx. 90 hours
Cotton wick
Phthalate free fragrance oils

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